Shelter NSW: ‘Housing in NSW- How it works’ seminar

April 2019

Our Action Group has been fortunate to work alongside by Shelter NSW throughout 2018/19. Shelter is a non-profit agency dedicated to a fairer housing system for disadvantaged groups and low to moderate income earners. While they are based in Sydney they also advocate on behalf of regional NSW.

Their vision is a secure home for all, which they pursue through critical engagement with policy, practice, and thought leadership. Shelter’s approach involves engaging, collaborating and connecting with people and organisations across the housing system including government, the private and not-for-profit sectors and consumers.

With this in mind, Shelter recently facilitated a training module, “Housing: How it works in NSW.” We hosted 30 participants who ranged from housing professionals, Action Group volunteers and interested community members.

The training included a comprehensive overview and analysis of the NSW housing system, covering: Federal and State policy levers, interactions between private home ownership, private rental, social housing and how it interacts with other parts of the system etc.

Shelter also targeted the training to our Action Group’s particular interest areas and local needs, including partnering with local government. We think the training was an important opportunity to learn more about our housing system, get more connected and gain tools for our housing activism going forward. We’d like to thank Thomas and Ned for their time, enthusiasm and expertise.

And a special thanks to Shelter for their ongoing affordable housing advocacy and their support of our work.

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