Focus Group

4th July 2019

For many months our Action Group has been in talks with a local land-owner to gauge their interest and ability to scope an affordable housing development on their property. It is envisioned that this development could address the needs of older people in our community who are facing housing stress. Our discussions with the land-owner have progressed to an extent that they asked us to undertake an over 55’s focus group with local community members.

Last Thursday we were pleased to work with five local interested community members who were keen to contribute their thoughts on the potential affordable housing development.

The development is likely to be a combination of Retirement Village and Community Housing units. The focus group primarily focused on the community housing component of the development.

We thought it was important to communicate that participation in the focus group was not linked to an offer of housing. Instead it was an opportunity to be part of the early consultation and design process to help ensure that the development is most likely to meet local housing needs of people within this cohort.

Our Action Group is excited that we have been instrumental in fostering these important conversations and in taking practical ideas forward. Big thanks to all for their contributions on the day, and especially to Emma Belcher from Community Housing Ltd (CHL) for her facilitation. 

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