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October 2018

Housing is everyone’s business. It’s a statement that I often hear and one that I wholeheartedly agree with. But what does it mean in practice? For me it speaks to the fact that everyone has a story to share, and that these narratives often touch on the centrality of home and place in our lives. These stories are as varied and interesting as the people who speak them.

I often find that you get a much better sense of an individual if you ask them to share their perspective on the meaning of ‘home’ or ‘belonging’ or ‘community’ in their life. I know this is the case for me- my experience of growing-up in a housing co-op has shaped who I am today.

I recently found this poster in the National Gallery Archive. My Mum collaborated with the QLD Tenants Union to create it- she took the photos and they did the rest. My Mum helped to establish the Spring Hill Housing Co-op in the late 1980’s and it grew to be one of the largest co-ops in S.E. Queensland. All my early memories revolve around endless meetings at the neighbourhood centre as she and other local community members worked hard to set-up the co-op. My Mum passed in 2016- she was a tireless and formidable housing activist in her time- I walk her path with pride and care.

Our Action Group held our first bi-monthly dinner and chat group this month. This gathering is a space in which we can all share the role that home plays in our lives and what inspires us to contribute our energies towards ensuring that everyone has a safe, secure and affordable home. I am committed to the principle and praxis that housing is everyone’s business- that we all benefit when our community is affordable, equitable and inclusive.

Look forward to hearing your story sometime soon.

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