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Our Members

The Action Group has 230 members with a core group of 30 active volunteers who really make things happen. Our membership is a mix of interested community members, representatives from relevant government and non-government organisations and interested people with expertise from across the housing system.

Volunteers are the driving force behind our Working Groups  and Events. Their commitment and dedication speak to the care we have for each other as a community and our ability to make change when we work together.

You can learn more or get involved here.

Our Action Plan

Our Action Plan outlines projects our Working Groups are exploring and taking forward. It is a good place to start if you are keen to learn more about who we are, the work we do, or get involved.

Whether you are interested in learning more about tiny homes, downsizing or co-housing, we are keen to have you on board – Contact Us Here.

Our Meeting Schedule

Interested in becoming active or learning more? You can come along to our next bi-monthly meetings. Here’s the upcoming ones:

No upcoming events

Useful Action Group Links

Action Plan
10-Point Plan for Change
Terms of Reference