Vision & Values

of NCoBS Inc.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Banks from Blue moon photography

Our Vision

We are an inclusive and connected community of resilient people.

Our Values


We celebrate diversity and work towards a fair and just society for all.


We are compassionate, empathetic, non-judgemental and foster a sense of belonging in the way that we work.

Community Driven

We are deeply connected to the Bellingen Shire and responsive to local strengths, priorities and needs.


We are an independent organisation working collaboratively and with integrity in everything we do.

Our Objectives

Strengthening community capacity and wellbeing

  • Understanding our community by mapping community assets and needs and seeking ongoing feedback and input
  • Being whole of community through positive events and being a gateway and resource for all
  • Growing our active volunteers including by promoting our organisation as a place for people to give back and supporting them to pursue their own interests
  • Building the capacity of young parents and families with young children through community events and activities, including in partnership with others.

Working with children and young people

  • Provide youth services including early intervention and prevention activities and case management for young people at risk
  • Be a hub for young parents for peer support, referrals, service delivery and volunteer programs such as school reading help
  • Support families with young children
  • Focus on early intervention and prevention
  • Work with Aboriginal families by partnering with local Aboriginal community members and organisations

Supporting people in need

  • Support people who need immediate help through programs such as Emergency Relief and NILS
  • Provide immediate support and referral advice through the Neighbourhood Centre
  • Provide additional referral info and support to young parents, young children and Aboriginal families using our services if appropriate
  • Build a web of offsite services through outreach and partnering with others
  • Communicate and use social media to reach people needing help and to promote our services

Good governance

  • Reposition our 2017-2020 work program to deliver on emerging funding priorities, while maintaining our vision and values
  • Focus on future sustainability including by partnering with others, diversifying our income and growing our membership
  • Support the organisation to broaden and grow by acquiring more space
  • Meet all compliance and reporting obligations to a high standard, including becoming a child safe organisation
  • Strengthen our organisation through planning, performance monitoring and organisational health
  • Become culturally proficient, develop a Reconciliation Action Plan and partner with local Aboriginal organisations
Sunset bridge in Bellingen by jessica Banks
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Banks from Blue moon photography

What is a Neighbourhood Centre?

Neighbourhood Centre organisations are Australia-wide and share common principles and philosophies about their purpose and role.

Broadly, these are:

  • Affirmative action towards disadvantaged people and groups;
  • Local participation and control; and
  • Community development

Neighbourhood Centres believe in:

  • The right of people to make choices in their own lives
  • The right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality
  • The right of people to be valued as individuals
  • The right of people to access services on a non-discriminatory basis
  • The right of the community to have accountable and responsive service provision
Sunset bridge in Bellingen by jessica Banks
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Banks from Blue moon photography