Bello Be Young And Proud

LGBT+ Youth support group for young people aged 12-21

Bello Be Young and Proud (BBYP) or locally known as gay group is a same sex attracted and gender diverse youth group coordinated by Bellingen Shire Youth Services.  The group welcomes LGBT+ young people who identify and their allies aged between 12 – 21 years. The group aims to create friendship connections, belonging and a safe space for young people.

BBYP members have had opportunities to plan social outings and events, and participate in amazing workshops with famous authors and costume designers. In 2018, with support from local grass roots group, Love is Love committee we delivered the first LGBT+ Youth Camp on the Mid North Coast – which was a huge success.

BSYS recognises that a range of factors increase mental health risks for LGBT+ young people, these include shame and self-hatred, depression and anxiety, minority stress, accumulation of traumatic micro aggressions from homophobic and transphobic behaviours, as well as social isolation and family conflict. 

BBYP members speaking at 2018 “You can ask that” youth panel

Links for Learning and Support

Come in to see us at the youth hub to learn more or to get support. Alternatively click on one og the logos below to explore some great stuff.

BBYP members meet Queer author Alicia Tuckerman and talk “creative habits”
BBYP members meet Queer author Alicia Tuckerman and talk “creative habits”